Commercial Heating Solutions

We cover a wide range of heating appliances and accessories, from single boiler installations to plantroom refurbishments or complete new systems. We also install pressurisation units, how water cylinders and water heaters, pumps and controls.

Commercial Gas Heating & Engineering services in Caerphilly, Wales

Commercial Boiler Plant

Our Heating Engineers specialise in various wet central heating, warm air heating, and hot water generation.Working within a variety of business sectors, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a bespoke heating and plumbing service to fit our customer needs, including:

Reliable heating in educational facilities

Heating and hot water upgrades for housing associations & nursing homes

Heating for dentists and doctors' surgeries

Sensitive heating for historic buildings and churches

Legislative upgrades for commercial catering extract inter-lock systems

Factories and industrial sites

Heating services for retail outlets

Boiler replacements for small to medium businesses

Water Heaters

Hot water heaters store high volumes of water at a set temperature, meaning they are the best choice for commercial or industrial uses with a high volume of hot water demand. Gas-fired water heaters use a burner to heat the water from the cold main and store it ready for system demand.

They require a flue to release carbon dioxide and water vapour, which can be fitted either through the wall or the roof. Gas-fired water heaters are significantly more energy efficient then electric water heaters in the longer term, as natural gas is much cheaper than the equivalent electricity requirement.

For high demand applications, electrical water heaters are not recommended.


Plate Heat Exchangers

Replacing and entire heating and hot water system can be very expensive. In older installations, where legacy pipework is in good condition, we recommend the use of a plate heat exchanger (PHE) to separate the old system from the new boiler.

This both prevents contamination of the new boiler form "sludge" in old pipework, which affect performance, and also prevents issues with pressure increases due to improved boiler performance which can lead to leaks.

Other key advantages of using a PHE are:

No stored water, so will not harbour bacteria

Near instantaneous heat up from cold

Low water content so less water treatment required and can use smaller expansion vessels

High pressure rating for sealed systems

Can be expanded to increase performance

High temperature drop on primary side

Small flow rates

Smaller pipes required

Lower power pumps can be employed

Plate Heat Exchangers

Pumps and Controls

A central heating system uses a pump to push water that’s been heated by the boiler through your heating and hot water pipework, to supply radiators, taps and showers. As the heated water moves around the system, it cools down - usually on an 80/60 deg C flow/return.

Planning your Commercial heating system is key to ensuring you get the right pump - selecting the right duty relies on knowing water flow rates and temperatures required for the heated space(s) as well as size and performance of radiators. There are a number of Commercial pumps available that allow speed control to provide the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for your heating system. We can design your heating system for you - our engineers are skilled and experienced in ensuring the system will perform to your requirements.

BG Heat also install user control systems such as; Active Heating, manufacturers' controls, weather compensation controls, and individual room/zone control providing efficient heating according to usage and occupancy. For larger installations controlled through a BMS (Building Management System), we can design a system that meets your needs and install and commission the system in collaboration with a controls engineers from one of our trusted partners.


Commercial Case Studies

Water Heating
Further Education College

Water Heater Installation

In an environment with a constant need for heating and hot water, such as a college, it is always a challenge to ensure the new installation is up and running exactly as planned.

Undertaken in the college holidays, this project involved the removal of the existing hot water boilers and installation of new unvented natural gas fired Andrews ECOflo HW storage heater, flue and associated equipment

Alterations were made to the DHWS, mains CW and natural gas pipework to accommodate the new DHWS storage heater and connection of an existing LTHW heating circuit to the central heating system. All pipework was insulated with foil-faced insulation, and valve jackets.

Despite some challenges in getting the heater into position, it was commissioned and up and running on time and on-budget.

February 2020

Nursing Home

Commercial Boiler Plant

In any care environment, it is critical that heating and hot water service downtime is minimised and that works are meticulously planned.

For this project, we selected 2 no. Vaillant ecoTEC plus 120kW commercial boilers on a Vaillant cascade frame with a 240kW plate heat exchanger, to separate the new plant from the existing heating circuit.

We also installed 2 no. Joule SmarTherm 400 litre twin coil stainless steel hot water storage calorifiers.

COVID-19 caused a significant challenge with this install, with a number of positive cases being reported in the home, resulting in us having to make safe and quit site after the first week. At this point, we had removed the old boilers and one of the water heaters, and connected the new Vaillant boilers, so the site had heating and hot water.

As soon as it was safe to return we completed the works, removing the second water heater and installing the two new 400l twin coil calorifiers.

November 2020

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