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It is important for all businesses to be compliant with Gas Safety Regulations and to have regular safety checks to protect their employees and their premises. As well as installations, we also carry out servicing, maintenance and repair of all types of heating and cooking appliances, and commercial gas-fired laundry equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Interlock Systems in Caerphilly, Wales


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From gas distribution pipework, boilers and water heaters to commercial kitchen gas safety interlock "safe systems of work", we specialise in designing and installing systems that are low emission; perfect for small environmentally friendly facilities such as offices, halls, churches and commercial kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Interlock Systems

Gas Safe regulations and BS6173 both require a gas interlock system to be fitted in all commercial kitchens.

This ensures that the commercial kitchen ventilation system is working before the gas is turned on and prevents a build up of potentially poisonous gas combustion fumes in the kitchen, which would be harmful to the health of kitchen staff and others within the premises. All new commercial kitchens must comply with BS6173 (2009) and GSIUR27. All commercial kitchens installed after 2001 must comply with BS6173.

Our engineers can fit an interlock system that cuts off the supply of gas should the kitchen mechanical ventilation system fail, or if the ventilation is turned down below a preset safe level. Gas equipment and services must only be installed, maintained and repaired by a Gas Safe registered installer, qualified to work on commercial equipment.

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Small Business Case Studies

Workingmen's Club

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Interlock System

After a prolonged period of closure due to COVID-19, the Club was anxious to welcome back their members in a safe environment. On short notice, we were asked install a new Merlin CT1250 gas inter-lock control panel, CO2 monitor and gas solenoid valve, and complete all electrical works and let-by and tightness tests.

The team attended site and were able to complete and commission the new system within the given timeframe, leaving another very satisfied customer.

August 2020

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